Warranty procedure for defective product

Limited warranty : 1 year from date of purchase on product and parts manufacturing defects
Shipping and handling : not covered by warranty

To make a claim on a warranty, you must provide the following information by email to info@innovaplas.com:

For components (parts)

Upon reception of the documentation, the part will be replaced at no charge. If Innovaplas ships parts to the consumer, a shipping fee of $25.00* will apply. Consumer can use a Master Card of Visa for this shipping and handling fee.


* This shipping & handling fee does not apply to larger parts including but not limited to complete handrail kits and lower or upper step modules for the Biltmor step. Innovaplas will get an estimate based on your location and submit it to your approval prior to shipping the part.

For a complete step or ladder

Upon reception of the documentation, your request will be processed. If warranty applies, the company will issue a credit to the distributor within five (5) business days for the value of the product. If you are a consumer, you must contact the store where you bought the step or ladder as they will be the one to enforce the warranty for your product.

For lighting system

The warranty on all our lighting systems is 90 days from date of purchase on all manufacturing defect. There is no warranty on light bulbs.


Nullification of warranty

Breaks caused by leaving the step in the pool when temperatures drop below freezing, by improper installation, abusive utilisation or by going excessively over the weight limit indicated by the manufacturer will void the warranty.

Failing to install the step cup system will greatly reduce steadiness of the step and will also void the manufacturer warranty.